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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:42 pm 
Joomla! Fledgling
Joomla! Fledgling

Joined: Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:30 pm
Posts: 2
Greetings Joomla forum,

Let me present myself, I'm a young- selfschooled webdesigner. I have been wanting to create my own website for a while now and I started to make it with dreamweaver, java, css and php.. but my knowledge isn't large enough to make my site the way I want it to be.

That's why I'd maybe start using Joomla, but I have a few feature- and general questions.

I've made a raw Photoshop design of how my homepage should look :

So here are my following questions;

-Can I make my website layout the EXACT same way as that photoshop design, as in.. can I make the website the way I want without limits? Or do I need to follow the templates? (remember I have css knowledge).

-Can I build my OWN php database and use it in the joomla websites? As in using php to make a player database and group them to create tournaments or guides. (Yes I'm making a gaming website for tournaments and guides)

-Does joomla put adds in my website or does it put it's name anywhere on my pages?

-How about advertisement? Can I put them on my Joomla website to earn money? Does Joomla take a % of the income?

-I have my own domain name, does Joomla host the website or can I just find my own hosting service?

I guess these are the main question,

Thanks for the help!


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:50 pm 
Joomla! Explorer
Joomla! Explorer

Joined: Fri Oct 13, 2006 8:24 am
Posts: 326
First off, welcome to the forum.

1: You are able to make your layout look exactly how you want it to look. You may want to find a template that is as close to what you want the end result to be like, making edits to the templates files accordingly.

Joomla uses Templates which control the look and feel of the site. Templates can be download from a number of template companies for either a fee or for free.

I would find a template that 'kind of' looks like the image you provided (ignoring the colours, font styles etc) as you can change them later to your liking.

2: You would most likely need a component for that so you are able to utilise Joomla features. It may be best taking a look at regarding component development or looking around the Internet for component tutorials.

3: Joomla does not add advertisements to your site, within the default templates there are a number of Joomla logos but it isn't advised to use a default template for your site.

4: You can add as many ads to your site as you like, Joomla wont take any profit/revenue from the ads.

5: You will need to find your own hosting company. Joomla wont host your site for you. It is best to look around for the best hosting company and don't just go for the cheapest. You will need to check their level of support, uptime statistics etc.

I'm sure that others will be able to add more to my comment but I hope the information above gives you a better understanding of Joomla.

Sean Clement
Joomla! Security Experts - Joomla! Experts - Expert Joomla! Support

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:05 pm 
Joomla! Fledgling
Joomla! Fledgling

Joined: Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:30 pm
Posts: 2
Thanks for the quick reply, really changed my mind about Joomla (in a good way) ..

Could someone give more info on the Php question? Seen that's the most important part for me.


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