Call for Participation in Formation of Joomla! User Group Guidelines

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Call for Participation in Formation of Joomla! User Group Guidelines

Post by AmyStephen » Sun Feb 11, 2007 3:15 pm

I hope I have posted in an acceptable place, if not, please move appropriately, thanks!

We are starting to work together to establish guidelines for the formation of Joomla! Users Groups (JUGs). We want to make it *very easy* for people to create a JUG in their local communities and find others with common interest in order to share tips and techniques, help one another and discover new ways to use Joomla!. Or, to just make new geeky friends! It should be equally easy to find an existing JUG nearby for those who are just getting started with Joomla!.

Right now, we are trying to gather other people who are interested in this idea and ask that you please introduce yourself in this thread if you want to join us.

Everyone is encouraged to read these resources and also to share other useful links:
- ... roups.mspx

We *very much* welcome the participation of the non-English speaking communities and invite you to join us. If you are willing to help by participating with us and then translating important issues in your language for others, it would be *greatly* appreciated.

If non-English speaking community members would like to follow along, I recommend using the FoxLingo Firefox Add-on which can be installed here . It is simply amazing!

Joomla! means "All Together, As a Whole." We need the involvement of everyone so that we can help empower local communities to easily create JUG in their area. Local networking strengthens our community voice, and together we can use Joomla! even more fully to help make the world a *little* better place.

Please feel free to share your concerns or questions or comments either here, or preferably in the thread I referenced, above.

In advance, I thank you for your participation!
Amy :)


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