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Joomla! FAQ Section

Post by Tonie » Sun Apr 08, 2007 10:34 pm

It's our pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section as part of the Joomla! Help Site. It might come as a surprise, but like all FAQs it will answer common questions. In this case, questions that are regularly asked by people on the forum.

Luckily, we didn't have to create all the current content in there ourselves. It's a compilation from the FAQ entries that can now be found in the Joomla! FAQ Forum. All FAQs have been written by members of the community. A big round of applause to all people who have contributed to one or more FAQs! We want mention two dedicated persons who have contributed the majority of FAQs in the FAQ Section. Ron Liskey has provided a great number of really useful security related FAQs, while Elin Waring writes FAQs wherever they are needed.

With the FAQ Section, we're also using another 3rd party component for showing the FAQs. We are using a modified version of EasyFAQ by Adam van Dongen aka Websmurf. Adam is working with us to support the component, and implement specific wishes.

We have now finished with the first phase, moving the FAQS from the FAQ forum to the FAQ Section. The base is ready, just like the Joomla! Extensions Directory, we hope to add more functionality as time progresses.

All communication regarding the FAQ Section will run through the Joomla! FAQ Forum. At the moment, this is also the place to request placement of a FAQ on the FAQ Section. The FAQ team will take care of adding/editing/removing FAQs, and moderating the FAQ Forum.

The discussion can be found here.
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