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Post by nicol » Wed Jan 18, 2006 2:37 am

this is pre-soft launch but it's working!

there's a blog about how i chose joomla here: ... Itemid,32/

constantly blow away by ths system.

eternal thanks.. thinking this could be open source's killer ap - it's not a port of a commercial system but the backbon of a whole framework for web 2.0 and code virgins like myself.

ps - if anyone wants to work with me on a creative commons componant/bot, i'd be delighted
pps - for history, see
ppps - for long history, see
pppps - for photo history, see
ppppps - for the 'open source creative ecosystem' concept document: - and if you want to be involved at a root level :-P , please see ... 20/id,1#1/
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