[PROPOSED SOLUTION] 1.0.8 - login module problems

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[PROPOSED SOLUTION] 1.0.8 - login module problems

Post by stingrey » Wed Mar 15, 2006 9:11 pm


Please find attached a proposed solution for problems experienced by users of Joomla! 1.0.8 with the login module (mod_login).
The proposed solution fixes two bugs
1. The username of the logged in user not being displayed, instead a 0 is outputted
2. Redirection problems when people login, on both IIS and Apache servers.

Note this `proposed solution` has not yet been exhaustively tested (especially in the case for IIS users), however, initial tests show it should address the issues above. 
Also as this is a Work In Progress fix, it may not be the final fix that will be available in 1.0.9


1. Download the zip file attached.
2. Extract the files locally.
3. Transfer the files across to your server and overwrite the files on your server.

The files go to the following folders:
  • sef.php
  • mod_login.php

Integrity Check

To check the integrity of the file being downloaded, you can open the file and check that the following file version information can be found at the top of the respective files:
  • sef.php
    * @version $Id: sef.php 2730 2006-03-09 20:08:04Z stingrey $
  • mod_login.php
    * @version $Id: mod_login.php 2804 2006-03-15 20:33:29Z stingrey $
This is the only place where you should download these files.


This is not an offiicial release, even though the work is done by the Offiicial Joomla! team, neither does it represent an official patch. 
It is simply an attempt to help users in a more timely fashion with an obvious problem in 1.0.8
The work should be seen as a Work In Progress.

As such it should be used with caution and backups of files being replaced should be done.

Work on the official release of Joomla! 1.0.9 is still being undertaken and will be released in due course after work has been finished and it goes through regular testing phases with testing teams.
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