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Reaction to the statement posted on www.opensourcematters.org
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Re: Disappointed commercial user

Post by morpheus » Sat Sep 03, 2005 5:34 am

∓quot;Troubador"\ wrote: I'd almost consider ignoring these kinds of comments soon. It's obvious we have a few Miro employees floating around the boards wanting to stir up trouble.
CE5_Agent wrote: Morpheus are you sure you are not a Public Relations representive for Miro? I have never read such a carefully worded forum topic in my life. If not you should think about geting a job with Miro.
Sorry, but accusing people of working for Miro is a very immature way to address what was an honest and open attempt to discuss the future of the CMS.

If you find my forum posts are too carefully worded, perhaps it is the case that you need to invest more thought before you publish your own posts?  ;D

Obviously I don't work for Miro. As I said, I've personally funded core Mambo devs to work on my commercial site. Within an hour of my post one of the core devs contacted me and we discussed the situation in email.

Certainly it looks like Joomla will be interesting, and it is unclear to me how Miro will keep the original Mambo code moving along. I just hope the transition will be worth it in the long run.


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