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thoughts about what has happened and comments about the Forum

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2005 7:44 am
by achintya
Love the new name, and really support the action of the Developers - non bureaucrats who are at the heart of what Joomla is all about.

There is something about the action of 'setting up a Foundation' which seems so antithetical to the Open Source spirit... and I am really pleased at how the Developers are keen to communicate from root level, as one of the users, not as remote 'foundation members' etc etc.

My main concern though, whenever I return to Mamboforge, I see a HUGE forum archive where it is possible to get loads of help.  Many of my problems with Mambo have been solved via searching through the forums, not the manuals.

I notice that this forum has much fewer forum posts so I keep going back to Mamboforge to get help.

Is there any way of porting that repository of help from Mamboforge over to this forum somehow?