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JED Translations listing

Postby horus_68 » Sat Jan 03, 2009 8:08 pm

I think we need some procedures/rules regarding JED Translations extension lists
I will make the same question to JED editors but I think we should present a proposal.

As for now you could find several translations lists, "official" or not.
Those lists present links to download at own servers / joomla code personal project / TT Joomlacode area.
You can find translations for Joomla admin and/or site and/or extensions languages files but their are not clear stated at description or name.

For the end user thats not clear or easy!

What do we need?
1- A common JED entry to Common TT joomlacode area. Users could find this at top list and then they could find (at Joomlacode their "official" language entry. That
2- A clear and common designation for those entries if they are Joomla core translations
3- A way to differentiate if the entry provides Joomla translations for admin/site or also makes available extensions translations

Proposal (quick one... please add more ideas!)
A- Create a JTranslation Common JED entry. Owned by TT group leader.
JED entry name: Translations for Joomla
Download point to Jtranslation Joomlacode project (Entry page)

B - Each team/individual with Joomla Core translation pack should have a JED entry. (see also G)
Note: some of them could be recognized as "Joomla Translation Team" by TT group (see also E)

C- Translations entries name should be normalized with the language code and purpose:
example: en-US translations for Joomla!

D- If there are more than one Language code JED entry they should be differentiated with a number, ordered by seniority at JED (they already are now)
en-US translations for Joomla! (1)
en-US translations for Joomla! (2)

E- Each "Joomla Translation Team" JED entry should display:
- A special JED button: "Joomla Translation Team"
- Language availability for site and admin
- Joomla compatibility
- Link to personal site / forum / docs as usual
- The Download URL should point to JTranslation Joomlacode Common Repository. (own language folder)

F- Each "Joomla translation team" JED entry can display the "Joomla Translation Team badge" in the extension gallery side by side with own logo
Its recommended to display some screens portraying a Joomla site with translated elements (as in a preview)

G- Each team, User group, individual or community with translations languages for individual extensions should have separated JED entry lists.
The download link should point to their own download area (own server if they have one or own Joomlacode project) not the common download area.

H- "Extensions Languages" entries name should be normalized with the language code and purpose:
example: en-US extensions languages for Joomla!

I- Create a JED category for the "Extensions Languages" entries
JED editors should create separate rules to be listed at this category (license issues, translations available for more than one extensions author, etc)

This way we separate the teams and repositories with languages, addressing also some conflicts with JED listings

Note to Moderators:
Feel free to edit my text because I don't have the proper names in my mind to designate translations or TT after the new translation policy!
Tutorials: Translating Joomla extensions:
- Portuguese Joomla Community / Joomla pt-PT Translation Team

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Re: JED Translations listing

Postby infograf768 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:49 am

I will point JED admins to this post and see what we can do.
Some of these ideas were already discussed but not yet implemented as they were dependant on the stabilization of the Joomla! Translation Teams following the new policy.
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