Is it likely that 'Love It; Hate It; Not Sure; just shows our Passion 4 the CMS

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Is it likely that 'Love It; Hate It; Not Sure; just shows our Passion 4 the CMS

Post by twerp » Mon Sep 05, 2005 7:30 pm

It's pretty much all been said on the forums, though personally I've just been thinking:

TOP LINE: We all had similar and/or Joomlaent [different] opinions about the name.... yes? Does that just mean that we feel incredibly strongly about.. erm... the CMS code....?

Eventually I went:  uh... oh yeah, the DEVs and the 3rd party Devs and the script's code ... oo-oo oh yeah.

1) Hey, I personally got a lot angrier about things in my tenns and 20's. And, I get a lot more done now-a-days. I'd be blaming someone else or some-thing for wrecking things. Which in hindsight seems like I wasn't in control.

2) Now :  it's taken a few day ... though I'm now TOTALLY behind the name after some serious whining about it. It really DID need to be something totally different for some very important and insightful reasons. > In my opinion. um, and the devs etc. if you read their reasons for choosing it.

3) I'm also wondering... where are the loyalties of the people who are STILL going on about the name being not to their liking sitting?

I mean, do we want two watered down CMS'? Or, do we want one MONSTER CMS?? i've 'flicked the switch' in my head to > LOVING IT and it feels OH so GOOD. Many Many of the biggie designers/coders have already switched... When we're all on board the ship can really circle the planet from above, so to speak.

I mean, there IS no competition. Just the potential for 2 sides fighting to out-do each other with the existing code OR that one KILLER CMS that Joomla will become in ANY event, I feel.

The code THEY [devs and 3rd party devs too!] wrote has won major awards. And unless you wanna sail into EZpublish or Typo3 ..shudder.... Well, I'm staying here thank you. Again.... THANK YOU.

4) BIG BIG enterprises, correct me if I'm wrong are not going to be using Joomla this year or the next. And, I've never had to tell anyone the name of the CMS I was doing a site for. I mean, I'm a half-wit [READ: there's just too much to know to know everything] though it seems most people who want me to help with a site .... well, you get it.

5) a few more thoughts go here that I'll think of later..

Best wishes to all and a great thank you for reading my basic opinions.
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