We are going to Succeed - The Name not Withstanding

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We are going to Succeed - The Name not Withstanding

Post by sgo » Fri Sep 09, 2005 1:04 pm

The energy and talent that is evident in this community is tremendous. The core elements of success are here and active. Its like we are all waiting for Joomla! 1.0 and we have all this energy to post our wide and varied opinions.

THE NAME: If I were involved in the branding sessions for this project, I probably would not have been in favor of Joomla! Yes, that may be a narrow view as it does have an international flavor, but it is not that memorable and and powerful...but to me that doesn't matter that much.

When I first ran into Mambo, the name was kooky, but the CMS was a revelation. As in many other posts here, I certainly don't sell the "Mambo" or "Joomla" brand. I sell the benefit of an Open Source CMS approach and what that means to the client in terms of total cost of ownership and content mamangement.

Nothing will change for me except that the future look bright indeed. Just look at the Logo ideas. The volume, quality and spirit of ideas is quite exciting.

We all have strong opinions and multi-skillsets. So hook up the Joomla! train and get ready for the ride. All together now, with individuality!!!
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