Usability Studie for 1.5 : Your 10 most commonly completed tasks

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Usability Studie for 1.5 : Your 10 most commonly completed tasks

Post by Jinx » Tue Nov 21, 2006 3:24 am

For more info about this post see the following blog post :, ... ,33/p,226/

If u wanna discuss this thread please go here so people can add their lists to this one.

Please post a detailed list of what u think are the 10 most commonly completed tasks for basic Joomla! usage as a content management system. Also define the scenario in which your tasks are used.

Example :

Scenario : Simple newssite administrattion

1. create a new folder in Media Mnager & upload images and or other media such as swf files
2. create a new article, fill in parameters first such as "frontpage", "published" (not untill it's final -draft stage missing here), author, dates, title etc..
3. write main article text with media inserted in context.
generally I save to published / "special" state so I'm the only one who can see it from frontend when logged in as superadmin, then check if all is ok. if yes, change state to public, if no, edit as needed & recheck.
4. when article content is 100% ok, take care of meta (and tags -3rd party extension)
5. ...
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Re: Usability Studie for 1.5 : Your 10 most commonly completed tasks

Post by karol.cejka » Tue Nov 21, 2006 8:50 am

sport newssite

1. create article
2. insert to article images and videos (images upload via editor mambot, video like allvideo mambot)
3. set datetime to publish, set frontpage
4. write header article
5. write full article (header article not be in fulll article->it is other values)
6. plan matches
7. set played matches, generate scoreboard, generate standings
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Re: Usability Studie for 1.5 : Your 10 most commonly completed tasks

Post by absalom » Tue Nov 21, 2006 8:58 am

Scenario: Migration project

1. Go through install process
2. Wipe com_content table from database, leaving admin roles/ACL.
3. Create new sections and categories based on client spec. Publish
4. Create admin users for client
5. Migrate content into new categories through manual cut and paste
6. Customise frontpage
7. Install additional CMPs to client spec
8. Customise additional CMPs to client spec
9. Retune / redesign core + 3PD for accessibility
10. Deploy client template
11. Map content to menu structure

Mod note: Edited out url to other forum post showing results from another study.  This current study should be kept separate from other studies that have occured in the past to be a true independent study.  When this one is completed you can then compare notes etc, study controls/items and outcomes.  Let's not muddy the waters before Bernie even has a chance to begin. :)  -MMMedia
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Re: Usability Studie for 1.5 : Your 10 most commonly completed tasks

Post by Jenny » Tue Nov 21, 2006 12:57 pm

Personal Website:

1. Add/publish content
2. Add images to content
2. Edit/Add Menu items
3. Edit template html/css
4. Adjust global configuration options
5. Adjust parameters for Frontpage
6. Install an extension
7. Install a template
8. Set permissions
9. Set parameters for a module
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Re: Usability Studie for 1.5 : Your 10 most commonly completed tasks

Post by compass » Tue Nov 21, 2006 2:32 pm

Blog site

1. Add an article
2. Save
3. Add to frontpage
4. Add blogging links (technocrati etc, manual permalink)
5. Ping blog aggregators
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Re: Usability Studie for 1.5 : Your 10 most commonly completed tasks

Post by avalon » Tue Nov 21, 2006 8:43 pm

Club/Society info site:

1. Patch Joomla & increase security on directories
2. Install FOSS template, tweak to suit
3. Add sections, categories & content
4. Setting publication dates, meta info etc for each of content items
5. Uploading items via media manager and then adding images, etc to content.
6. Add menu items to suit desired presentation style, e.g. list, blog, wrapper.
7. Configure display of items (ordering, no of columns, no of articles per page, etc)
8. Configure contact details for various contacts, e.g. chairman, treasurer, etc.
9. Add extensions
10. Tidy up content e.g. move articles,  archive old articles, etc.

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Re: Usability Studie for 1.5 : Your 10 most commonly completed tasks

Post by btelles » Wed Nov 22, 2006 11:45 am

Hello everyone,

Thank you all so much for your very specific scenarios with specific tasks. This is exactly what we need to get the study going!

Over the weekend I will look for a few more scenarios and figure out how to do each of these tasks as efficiently as the current 1.5 Beta allows. The minimum number of clicks required for each of these tasks will be used as a measuring stick for the study participants' performance.

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Re: Usability Studie for 1.5 : Your 10 most commonly completed tasks

Post by Oceanwatcher » Wed Nov 22, 2006 1:39 pm

A lot of people would consider entering an article as a very common task. But there is one thing that has been really overlooked in Joomla.

Credit for the work that has been done. Credit for the text is ok. But there is no good way to enter credit for pictures or other types of media. And for Joomla to be useful as a serious system for an online newssite, this is something that just has to be there. Everyone talks about copyright in some form these days.

There should be a system in place that makes it easy to enter the correct copyright. For pictures, you could even use the IPTC info as a base and you would only have to enter a name if it did not already exist in the IPTC info.

So for me, I would divide the single task of entering an article into

1. Entering the article
2. Entering the article writer (if it is not the person that is logged in)
3. Entering pictures
4. Entering photographer

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Re: Usability Studie for 1.5 : Your 10 most commonly completed tasks

Post by 55thinking » Wed Nov 22, 2006 5:22 pm

Hello all

Excellent iniciative!!!!

Corporate web site - The clients' manage its own content

  • Case 1 Client = a single person (profile = manager) --> Test Back End Admin Abilities
  • Case 2 Client = a team of 5 persons (profile = 3 autors /1 editor / 1 publisher) --> Test Front End Admin Abilities
1. Edit an article
2. Create an article in Section 1 and immediatly after another article in Section 2
3. Create a new menu item
4. Unpublish an article
5. Create a new category
6. Re-order articles in a category
7. Change an existing menu type (from component to link url, for exemple)
8. Publish an article to front page
9. See the list of articles that specific profils have written (authors or editors)
10. Display a plain list of articles ordered by date of creation
11. Update contact details
12. Display a content item only for Publisher or above profile
13. Upload a document(a new document not existing in the media manager)  in a new article
14. Upload images (a new image not existing in the image manager) in an existing article
15. Preview an article I have just wrote with images before send for approval or publication
16. Change an existing poll to another one
17. Submit a web site
18. Show only unpublished items
19. Filter all articles of a specific author
20. Filter unpublished articles of a specific author

There are more than 10 tasks, but all the tasks listed are according to me very basic core content management tasks. Case 2 is going  to be pretty fast to simulate anyway

Shall we consider that multilingual sites specificities are out-of-scope for this first study ?
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Re: Usability Studie for 1.5 : Your 10 most commonly completed tasks

Post by bruno.reis » Thu Nov 23, 2006 1:44 pm

Scenario: Comercial Site Administration (ecommerce and events)


1 - Entering Products (with  categories, photos, price, description, etc)
2 - Organizing Products (setting front-page products, and modules with specific sets of products)
3 - A simple way to buy a lot of products once. The see>>details>>add to cart>>etc patterns is good if one is going to buy a TV or some expensive thing. But if you are going to buy food, you may want a single big list, with categories and products, where you can check or write  the number of each you want and then submit all of them once.
4 - Write an event on the calendar with name, description, pictures and categorized. (May start on one day and end on another).
5 - Show the next events. (week, month, show the next 5, the next 10 on a category)
6 - Filter the calendar display by categories. Show only courses for example.
7 - Link an article with an event that has happened so users can see the review of an event or the description of the event the review is talking about.

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Re: Usability Studie for 1.5 : Your 10 most commonly completed tasks

Post by hens01 » Fri Nov 24, 2006 1:12 am

OK, I am a site administrator for a NGO. 2000 registered users but only 100 regular users.
Top tasks i have to do.
  • add new article (first upload images)
  • change listing order of existing articles
  • reset lost user passwords - yes there are users which are not capable/willing to do it themselves  >:(
  • approve new forum topics
  • add menu items
  • rearrange menu items
  • add/remove banners
  • check synchronisation between extermal userdatabase en Joomla users

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Re: Usability Studie for 1.5 : Your 10 most commonly completed tasks

Post by Trizock » Sun Nov 26, 2006 11:04 am

Blog / Journal

1. Add Article
2. Upload Picture (to a folder that may or may not be in media manage, eg a gallery folder - or via ftp/joomlaxplorer first [resize image before that]).
3. Attempt to add a caption to it (caption option would be nice when add images)
4. Add other media (you tube link, google videos - allvideos plug in)
5. Set permissions on article (public viewing, private viewing, sort of thing).
6. Generate Meta Tags (3rd part software)
6b. Need something that create perma links, or similar things - like jtags plug in
7. Ping blog sites manually
8. moderate comments (no good comment system out there).
9. chest latest comments (need a module or something )
10. occasionl check rss feed is working
11. abilitty to add/edit photos to a "galler" -3rd party (prob rank this higher actually)


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