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Logo Contest - Announcement and rules

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2005 2:01 pm
by manuman
In our current logo suggestion forum we have seen a wealth of talent from our many members. Now the Core team of Joomla! would like to officially invite entries in our logo contest. The logo contest is open to all community members and will decide the Official Logo for Joomla!. People with a great idea are encouraged to submit it regardless of their ability to render a final version.

The logo contest will run in the following format...
  • All community members are invited to submit logo design concepts for the Joomla project.
  • To enter a design it must be entered as a new thread in the Logo Competition Forum.
  • You may add comments and thoughts to entry threads.
  • Do not enter a design as a reply to an existing entry's thread.
  • The Core team will then consider all entries and vote on a group of five finalists.
  • The community will then be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite logo design concept from the five finalists.
  • We reserve the right to have the wining concept further developed by our creative team. Additionally this will allow us to formulate a style guide and versions specific to various media formats.
  • The closing date for entries will be 23:59 GMT Monday 12th September.
  • Finalists to be announced and the community vote will commence on 23:59 Wednesday 14th September. All forum members will be able to vote once for their favourite logo.
  • Voting will close 23:59 GMT Monday 19th September. The logo with the highest number of votes will become the official Joomla! logo.
  • The winner will be announced on the OSM forum and at 23:59 Wednesday 21st September 2005.

Additional rules for people wishing to enter the Joomla! logo contest...
  • All submitted work must be original and not based on any pre-exisiting design.
  • If your entry produces trademark problems due to potential similarities to existing trademarks it will not be considered.
  • By entering a logo design you agree to transfer the copyright on the design to the Joomla! project should your design win.
  • Entries should not contain any text other than the word Joomla!

Tips - By coscooper in the OSM forum
  • Who's the logo/slogan for? Your group and the core dev environment vs the customer (End users who deploy your solution).
  • Logo/slogan must convey purpose and spell out your message & be distinguishable (Kind of like your name.
  • Must look good as tag line on web site for users.
  • Must look good in different color spaces for screen & print(CMYK vs RGB).
  • Must look good on a t-shirt (trade-shows and fundraising.
  • Can be used as a favicon
  • Must Scale up/down depending on use, since most of us use the core tech for other purpose and only drop a logo/copyright etc. at the bottom, it must scale small.
Thank you and good luck!

Re: Logo Contest - Announcement and rules

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2005 2:42 pm
by stingrey
Just to reinterate.

One thread for every new logo submission.
People are free to comment on the submission within that thread

Re: Logo Contest - Announcement and rules

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2005 3:44 pm
by stingrey
When submitting, please add the words 'LOGO: ' to the start of the title of your thread.

Please note that this forum is Only for submissions, please do not start general comment threads in this forum.