SMF discussbot version 4.2 beta 3 released

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SMF discussbot version 4.2 beta 3 released

Post by chadness » Thu Apr 19, 2007 9:47 pm

Not a lot of changes.  The most important is adding Mambo 4.6.1 compatibility!  This has only been lightly tested, so I'll be very interested to hear feedback.

For discussing your Joomla or Mambo content articles on designated SMF boards. These discussions can be displayed in the content article.

Install the same as any mambot, through the Administration mambot installer.

To upgrade from a previous version, the easiest way is to just upload the files in to your /mambots/content directory, overwriting the previous ones. Then go in to the mambot properties in Administration, and save the settings.

IMPORTANT - If running Joomla version 1.0.11 there is a known bug which prevents you from being able to configure mambots.  [url=http://",89866.msg455550.html#msg455550"]Click here for the fix[/url].  Note that you must be logged in to the Joomla forums to be able to download the file.

From this version, beta 3:
  • Added Mambo 4.6 compatibility.
  • Fixed if the quoted message is cut off during a list, it will close the ol or ul.
  • Added additional HTML fixing in the quoted message.
  • Fixed problem with uploaded avatars if attachments directory is protected.  The new method is really the way it should have been done in the first place.
  • Removed attachment directory option. No longer needed.
  • If the first post is being included in the article display, it will attempt to remove the quoted version of the article.
Previous features added by chadness:
From 4.2 beta 2:
  • Overhauled the display of the discussion.  For further tweaking, you should define your own CSS classes in your Joomla template, and list them in the bot configuration.
  • You now have the option to include avatars.  If you have changed your attachments directory from the default, you will need to set that in the bot settings, or it won't be able to find uploaded avatars.
  • Added the ability to link the article to a specific existing topic in SMF.  To do this, enter in to your Joomla article {mos_smf_discuss:topic_id_num:#} where # is the topic number you want to use.  You can find the topic number by looking at the URL for the post - there will be a part of the URL that says "topic=2" or whatever number topic it is.
  • Strips span tag from article to SMF post.
  • Fixed problem with multiple databases.
  • Fixed problem with using board numbers and a default discussion board.
  • Fixed problem with special characters when SMF is in a UTF-8 collated database.
  • Fixed an old problem that caused the register link in the login module to stop working.
  • Fixed a problem with an unclosed link tag.
  • Added a prefix before the subject of quick reply (for example, "Re: ").
  • Tried to make it a little more accurate in guessing the correct board to post to.  In order of precedence:
    1. Use the explicitly written board in a {mos_smf_discuss:} tag.
    2. Use a post with a matching title in the default discussion board.
    3. Use a post with a matching title in another discussion board.
    4. Use the default discussion board.
  • Changed the behavior of whether the bot includes the first post in it's count and when displaying replies. 
    -Before, it always counted the first post in the post count.
    -Now, it only counts the first post in the post count when "Would you like the discussion link to automatically start a reply, instead of viewing the topic?" is set to "1st post only" or "Always".
    -Before, in the discussion display, it wouldn't include the first post if it started with [url and ended with closing a quote or url tag (basically, it was guessing that that meant it was simply a link back to the original article, and possibly a quote from it).
    -Now, in the discussion display, it only includes the first post when "Would you like the discussion link to automatically start a reply, instead of viewing the topic?" is set to "1st post only" or "Always".  This will make it consistent with the post count number.
From 4.2 beta 1:
  • Orstio bridge version 1.1.6 compatibility.
  • Hopefully fixed the display problems when running on certain pages with other SMF modules.
  • Added option for nofollow rel tag so Google's bot (and possibly others) will not follow links.
  • Added option to choose whether or not to display in modules (apparently in Joomla 1.0.10 content mambots started to be able to display in modules).
  • Added option to use SMF board numbers instead of name

So far I've only tested this with Joomla 1.0.11, Mambo 4.6.1, SMF 1.1.2, and Orstio's bridge 1.1.6/7.  I would appreciate feedback from testing any other configurations.  This is an early beta - I wouldn't go throwing it on any important production sites!

Thanks!  And thanks to Skydig and Orstio for various fixes!

Download here: ... .2-beta-3/

The following code may need to go at the end of your Joomla template:

Code: Select all

$buffer = ob_get_contents();
$buffer = str_replace('<input type="hidden" name="sc" value="" />'
,'<input type=hidden name="sc" value="'.$sc.'">', $buffer);
echo $buffer;


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