Sloppy code in SMF?

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Sloppy code in SMF?

Post by dimascus » Thu Apr 26, 2007 10:21 pm

I have a problem with my SMF board. At the top of the board, when you log in, it shows:

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$txt['uot_users_online_today']='Users Logged In Today'; $txt['uot_yesterday']='Yesterday at '; $txt['uot_total']='Total'; $txt['uot_visible']='Visible'; $txt['uot_hidden']='Hidden'; $txt['uot_users_online_today']='Users Logged In Today'; $txt['uot_yesterday']='Yesterday at '; $txt['uot_total']='Total'; $txt['uot_visible']='Visible'; $txt['uot_hidden']='Hidden';
Then it displays the rest of the forums properly. I have been fiddling with with this for a while. Any suggestions?

P.S.- This also seems to be showing up in my Shout box as well...
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Re: Sloppy code in SMF?

Post by redone » Fri Apr 27, 2007 11:25 am

The code your seeing is due to a modification made to your board that was not correctly removed.

If you take a look in your modifications.english.php file and remove the code for that mod you should be fine.

And no, its not "sloppy" code within SMF itself.

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