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Recovering From SQL crash, please advise.

Posted: Thu May 10, 2007 9:10 pm
by Basetballjones
The main idea-  I have been running Joomla and SMF together via bridge.  Recently I installed a subscription component which effectively reset everyone to registered status and even deleted the superadmin group.

The problem is more or less solved, I have recovered access and control after about three hours of reading and poking at the SQL, but I just wanted other's opinions.  This is the first time I have made such an extensive amount of edit to the DB, so I am concerned that I could be in error.

First, The Tech Data:
PhP 4.4.6
Mysql 5.0.27
Apache 10337100
Joomla v1.0.11
SMF 1.1.2
SMF 1.1 Joomla Bridge 1.1.7
Failed Component: AEC Subscription Component


After installing the AEC component, all users were set to registered status, admins included.
A search of the core_acl_aro_groups and jos_usertypes showed that the superadmin position was gone.

I deleted my own account from the database, reinstated an admin account via Rob's advice here: ... l#msg74944


Okay, here's were it got really fun!  My joomla user table is hosed, but I iinstalled SMF on a seperate database, so it still seems to be fully functional, yet the bridge is not facilitating login or updating the Joomla table as it should.. So being resourceful, I find the joomla login module in jos_modules, set it to display on the home page and of course, public access


The module does not appear.. okay, so now I go back and enable site debugging via the DB and find that sessions are at fault- deleted them from the DB, cleared cache, site cache, cookies, etc..

My login module!!!  But it tells me admin/admin is the wrong username and password?  Sigh... just to be sure, reverse engineer the MD5 to make sure it is for the correct password, double check in acl_aro and groups that there is in fact a superadmin position available.. all ok..

Then I caught the issue-  acl_aro_groups_map  Everyone is/was set to "Registered" so I set good ole number 62(me) as a super admin

I'm in! Holy wow! but I can only utilize the joomla login as the bridge appears as though it's not even submitting queries when I use the SMF login module..  None of my other members can login yet, either... 

Here is were I am scaring myself a little-
In the interface for the SMF bridge, I had a number of PHP and SQL errors relating to the lack of jos_smf_membergroups..

Simple enough, right?  So I exported a copy of smf_membergroups to the jos,  refresh the admincp and now the php/sql errors are gone, but the bridge is still failing to log members in properly. 

(i did not delete this table from the jooomla database, yet)
(edit- i did not name the table properly, either- it shows up as smf_membergroups, not jos_smf_membergroups)

:(  As mentioned before, I have smf and joomla installed on seperate databases, and have never had to provide each DB user access to each other's DB.. Today I have assigned each user to the other's DB, as soon as I did so, everything began functioning again... all my members are still reset at "registered" but I can remedy that.

My questions and fears:
Like I stated- at one point I simply exported a copy of the SMF_membergroups table into the joomla database- as it sits, it is still entitled: smf_membergroups  -NOT jos_smf_membergroups as would be expected.
This makes me worry that I am  running the same table on two Databases, which will cause troubles, especially now that I have granted access to both DB for both DB Users

Secondly and in relation to the first-  Since I have allowed SMF access to Jos, and vice versa, there is no need for the smf_membergroups table to appear on the joomla DB, right?

And lastly- I have been using the SMF registration and login since I originally bridged this site almost 4 months ago- with no problems.. but I am hearing that the Bridge Registration/Login is the way to go.  In light of these recent events, and since I just barely got this sucker working again, should I switch to the Bridge method or stay with what I know seems to work?

If I am unclear or needing to provide more info, do excuse me- SQL is still very new to me and sometimes I get names or terms mixed up.
I'll be happy to provide clarification or links to whatever you might need to make an educated answer.

Re: Recovering From SQL crash, please advise.

Posted: Fri May 11, 2007 11:29 am
by Basetballjones
never mind, ladies and gents, I have satisfactorily answered my own questions..  Typing it out like that sparked my imagination or at least helped me think about the whole thing more clearly...

Not to mention, I turned one of my older Pentium machines into a good testing server (finally) and installed Joomla and SMF along with the bridge and I watched the changes to the file structure and SQL as I went along.

I learned that SMF exports data to the Joomla DB and seemingly never vice versa.. I may be missing something, but if Joomla is writing to SMF, it's very secretive about it.  All good, though- I am actually pleased to see the forum control the "portal" as members and groups are much better handled via the SMF interface for this website's application  :-[

Re: Recovering From SQL crash, please advise.

Posted: Fri May 11, 2007 4:03 pm
by chadness
Yes, you are correct, with that bridge the SMF interface modifies the Joomla database but not vice versa.  I'm pretty sure Orstio is planning on making it two way in the future, if possible, but I'm not sure.  I think he did that for Mambo, at least.