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When you login, SMF Bridge does not take the Template it was assinged to.

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 5:28 am
by k6yar
Ok, here is my problem.
I have SMF bridge Wrapped.
There is a menu called FORUM that usage the SMF_Bridge Component.

Two Templates are used. One for the main site, one for the forum. When you click on the forum, it usage the correct Template. That's great. I can deactivate the login that came with Joomla, used the Login SMF_BRIDGE. It shows up on the right side of the main theme. When users login here, it usage the Main Theme, not the theme for the Forum. Is it because I choose Wrapped.

Since I am changing a lot, google/yahoo seems to be indexing the /forum/ folder although robots.txt says Disallow to that directory.
I also inserted the code so when someone tries to access /forum/ it does not allow them, rather it redirects to the main site.

My question : How can I allow the BRIDGE LOGIN to use the Template that I have assigned for FORUM. I know there is a bug here. By doesn't the SMF_BRIDGE, upon login take the user to the Forum Template ?

Can anyone help me please. Should I create a static page and insert the SMF_BRIDGE login thing there and use the Forum Template.

Please help me, yes, tell me what is your AMAZON's wish list! I will try what I can. I love joomla, but I am getting bored as so much is not working after I have upgraded from earlier versions to 1.12, even the poll does not work, it keep saying "You need Cookies", while cookies are being enabled, eaten right besides joomla (i love`um), also tried from various locations, my friend etc.

please help.
anyone ?

Re: When you login, SMF Bridge does not take the Template it was assinged to.

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 5:28 am
by k6yar
It seems impossible to do this as far as I could try. So the best solution, don't wrap SMF. Unwrap it, goto the theme and modify.
Wrapping seems to put a junks of codes in all pages, including duplicate META, HEAD Tags. Simply unwrapping also gives you a nice SEO title of your forum. It took me 5 hours to fix this. Also, it makes sense to make SITE OFFLINE when you are testing your site, you never know... google or yahoo or MSN could be coming at your site reindexing and your could be getting duplicate contents all over... I learnt this. If you want to change menus, playaround with components, have the site OFFLINE !

alight guys, I learnt that SMF Bridge if wrapped will never use any other Template!!! It will always be WRAPPED!