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Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 10:11 am
by amar_strange
How can i sync Community builder avatars(Gallery) with SMF?
I have configured the jsmf to work with CB, works all fine except the avatar.
Now when i select an avatar for my CB profile that don't appears in SMF. How can i obtain this?
Actually when user upload the images then they are shown in the forums//but when they choose form the cb profile they dont appear in the forums....i checked the paths then avtar path is show correctly but the image name is changed to tn90.jpg

but image name is 90.jpg

ok when user upload images then two files are created one like


another with tn323_2323232.jpg

so they appear in forums....but cb gallery files dont have 'tn' names

also if someone try to upload the image again ....then the new image is uploaded successfully but then no 'tn' file is whn user clicks on sync avatar from main site to forums.....the avtar doesn't appear in forums......

plz help