Suggestion: Proverb/joke-component

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Suggestion: Proverb/joke-component

Post by Idus » Wed Apr 25, 2007 3:29 pm

I've spent several days now, trying to find the component I am looking for.

It is a really, really simple thing compared to many other modules, so I am posting this suggestion here at smithy's forge to anyone who might take the challenge to make one.  ;D

I am looking for a "PROVERB/joke-component"!

1: You put in a lot of one-line proverbs or jokes, since it would be hectic to add each one-by-one. So, why not just have a "long text document" - where each "break" is a defined proverb. If you want the author to be shown on a new line - just add in the text.

2: In the component, you can choose if it only changes per day, per refresh or via time limit - the last one might have a fade-effect for you out there who can do it really classy!

Then you just position it and enjoy sharing your and others wisdom... or jokes!

How about it? Not too hard is it? Please give me a shout when you have one working!  :D

:-[ UPDATE: Sorry admins and experts... I realize that it might have been better to post this under 3rd party/Components instead. I will do so and give any listening admin permission to delete this entry!
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