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help with video extension

Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2008 7:31 pm
by dayanamay
I posted this in the AllVideos Reloaded thread, but got no response. I am donating my time and making this site for the Riecken Foundation, a non-profit that builds libraries in Honduras. People are pretty helpful in this sub-forum, so I thought I would try my luck here.

I have a couple questions about how the videos are displaying on my test site. On one page I have four articles, two of which have [youtube] videos using AllVideos Reloaded.

Is it possible to have the written content of the article (for example the date or the text explaining or introducing the video) stretch out to be the normal width of the content container of the template (535px in my case), as opposed to shrinking to the width of the video?

Also, the component seems to be causing my articles to not break properly. Article 3 is displaying next to article 2 (which is thinner than the container because of the video (first question)), whereas normally articles in a Category Blog format would always display underneath each other. How can i fix that?

just check out my test site and you'll see the ugly mess I'm referring to: ... &Itemid=24

I'm more of a web designer and am totally new to all this programming stuff. I'm at a loss for how to make these videos interact correctly with the content, so any and all suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you!