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Need volunteer to get Joomla site professional-ready

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2008 8:57 pm
by rrfusa
Dear All,

Our nonprofit has a website designed in Joomla and recently lost our Joomla volunteer person to another career job.

The nonprofit is The Hispanic Community for Policy, a national nonpartisan nonprofit grass root advocacy organization to assist Hispanic Americans in getting involved in US public policy, thereby becoming a more intergral part of US society.

Our website is As you'll see, we have some basic set-up done by a web company who will add a few backend items - forums, email sign-up, merchant account, video module. They're doing this for free now, hoping in the future they will generate Hispanic org. business. However, they will not do content and editing.

The entire staff is volunteer, including me (not a long-term strategy, to be certain). The rest of us know nothing of Joomla. So, we are seeking assistance.

We simply hope to get it professional-ready, or a minimal level of completeness so we can move forward on development and fundraising (merchant account and non-merchant account type). Currently, our website does not match our innovative projects and ideas - all generated by staff and grass roots. This hurts our efforts.

We have most of the content ready as well as tabs/subtabs we want; what content is left to complete, we wanted to see how things read online before editing and completing.

If anyone is able to assist, please contact me here or via email at:

Thank you in advance.

Warmest regards,

Rob Fernandez
Founder, Chairman & President
The Hispanic Community for Policy
Facebook: The Hispanic Community for Policy

Re: Need volunteer to get Joomla site professional-ready

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:53 am
by ob1027
my name is tory and i am working on our church website, i am having a hard time getting it to work for me and was wondering if i could get into the admistrative part of your website to see how your previous tech set you guys up. if not, no biggie. thanks anyhow.