What's in this sub-forum?

Gathering of Joomla! developers and users in the non-profit community.
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What's in this sub-forum?

Post by cozimek » Mon Sep 19, 2005 3:16 am

This sub-forum provides a space for all those working in the non-profit, charity, and public sectors to discuss their usage of Joomla.  The goal of this sub-forum is to aid the core development team in understanding the CMS needs of the non-profit community, and for the non-profit users community to learn more from each other.  In addition, this will operate as the working space for advocacy information for the community, i.e. upcoming non-profit conferences, posting of non-profit sites using Joomla, etc.

We're looking forward to building a strong community of non-profit users, so please provide us with your ideas, comments, etc.

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