Težava z Mini Frontpage modulom ali z Joomlo?

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Težava z Mini Frontpage modulom ali z Joomlo?

Post by nodrim » Sun May 03, 2009 7:01 pm

Sorry, sm zdle mal len in bom kr kopiral tekst iz angleškega foruma sem :-[

I have a small problem with Mini Frontpage or maybe it's a Joomla problem.

This is the website with the problem: http://www.tribu.si

And this is the problem - when you get to the website through the main link www.tribu.si the mini frontpage module on the right most side contains the shorts of articles with their titles. And the problem is in the link in these titles. The links are almost correct (they take you to the correct article), but they are missing a little something in the end, which causes the menu to hide, when you click on a link of a short article.

An example should help you to easily understand the problem:

: when you get to the page through www.tribu.si the links are like this: http://www.tribu.si/index.php?option=co ... id=31:blog

: if you first click anything in the left menu, the links then change to this: http://www.tribu.si/index.php?option=co ... &Itemid=87

: so, as you can see a "&Itemid=87" gets added to the end of the link .. and from here on all links are constructed like this and the webpage is working fine .. when you click on the banner for Portugal on the top, which takes you back to www.tribu.si (homepage) .. the links in mini frontpage are again without the appendix "&Itemid=87" and the menu dissapears when you click on them.

Can anyone please confirm if this is a mini frontpage module problem or a Joomla problem and what might be a possible solution?

Thank you very much in advance, nodrim


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