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إغلاق الموقع من الاستضافة لسبب غريب لا أعرفه ارجو المساعدة

Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2013 5:26 am
by fhdmas
وهذه من المحادثة معهم ولم أفهم الكثير..
Attack on We need them to get their scripts updated to the latest version. Even after they do that we'll need to evaluate whether the server can handle the attack. Please be cautious about re-activating this account.

Note In addition to previous note, this is what's happening on the box:
Top Total PHP Processes
bnegyptc (987) => 98%

Your account was deactivated for causing performance problems on the server for MySQL.
find useful in troubleshooting the problem. Once it's resolved, please contact us so we can note the account with what was done then reactivate it for you.

A slow query is when a website tries to get information from the database and it takes over 1 second to deliver. A website can make anywhere from 5 to 30 queries to
load a single page. When one query is taking over a second it can eat up a lot of server resources and cause poor performance on all of your sites. MySQL slow queries

are written into log files by the server and stored in a location on your account that you have access to. They are in your home directory (one level up from the
public_html folder.). Within that home directory they are in the tmp folder and withing the tmp folder they are in the mysql_slow_queries folder. There you find files
that that have a record of the slow queries that your account has generated.

There are 3 things that will resolve MySQL performance issues and they are as follows:

1. Remove the code that generates the offending query all together.
2. Institute proper table indexing for tables whereupon the bad queries are being executed. Proper indexing is explained in our help desk and is the most ideal solution
for any MySQL performance issues.
3. Rework the query that is responsible for the performance issue so that it can perform the same task without having to perform as large a query. This solution is not

أرجو المساعدة جزاكم الله خيرا

Re: إغلاق الموقع من الاستضافة لسبب غريب لا أعرفه ارجو المساع

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:51 pm
by shaji
إذا كان لديك بيانات مهمة على موقعك
يمكنك إعادة تثبيت جملة على الاستضافة