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Discuss the universal connector for forums and other applications. (including vBridge )
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Release History

Post by Predator » Mon Oct 10, 2005 9:10 pm

in process
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vBridge Release History

Post by kenmcd » Tue Oct 11, 2005 9:43 am

Joomla vBridge 1.3 Beta
Bugfix: artf2040 : vBridge, Memory, and XML Domit - reported by enmand
Bugfix: securityfix - reported by leonsio
Bugfix: Cookie issue
Bugfix: Add in VB Admin didn't add into Joomla
Bugfix: Delete User in VB
Bugfix: Login Module got wrong Logouthash
Bugfix: Sync User
Bugfix: Sessioncookie conflict with com_poll
Added: Manual patch infos for config.php

Joomla vBridge 1.22
Bugfix: database error - reported by BrianB
Bugfix: Sync errors due to the multidatabase
Bugfix: Joomla! Backend modify user
Bugfix: securityfix - reported by leonsio
Added: Userfield salt to save queries - contributed by leonsio

Joomla vBridge 1.21
Bugfix: Cookie issues in Joomla file
Bugfix: Cookie issues in plugin
Bugfix: uninstall will not drop vb_userid and vb_threadid
Bugfix: Server load issues by sync

Joomla vBridge 1.2
Changes: Codecleaning
Added: Extra check for config.php patch
Bugfix: Pluginprobs
Bugfix: Multidatabase issue with Joomla! User Component
Bugfix: #27 xhtml error for getting the Version - reported by Ritter
Bugfix: #25 missing function isThemePatched - reported by Ritter

Joomla vBridge Final 1.1
Changes: Codecleaning and optimizing through Core API function
Changes: Works with Joomla! 1.0.2
Changes: Version for vBulletin 3.5 Gold works now only with pluginsystem
Added: Multidatabase ability ( but same Server )

Joomla vBridge Final 1.0
Changes: Codecleaning and optimizing through Core API function
Changes: Works now with Joomla! 1.0.1
Changes: Version for vBulletin 3.5 RC3 works now only with pluginsystem
Bugfixes: several

vBridge RC 3
Bugfix: Logout directed to the other System i.e. if you logout from mambo your where redirected to the forum without return, logout from the forum
redirected you to mambo to get loged out there with no return.
Added: Turky language thanks to Deniz Senturk aka Anarchy
Added: Now also sync Mambo User to vBulletin
Added: Now able to sync more than once

vBridge RC 2
Bugfix: Patchhandler Versioncheck didn`t check vB 3.5 right - reported by goanna
Bugfix: Emailcheck error during sync of User - reported by stefaandk
Bugfix: #4 Registration Issue,"Registration Mode: Use Mambo" For VB it still takes me to VB and for mambo to mambo. - reported by vivpuri
Bugfix: #5 Auto login for new Member ( Registration without Enailverification ) - reported by vivpuri
Bugfix: #6 During installation of vBulletin bridge the users were synced EXCEPT the mambo passwords in #__users where the password field does not match the vBulletin password field after the sync. - reported by bugfaceuk
Bugfix: #7 vBulletin does not require a table prefix during installation, but in the configuration of vBridge it REQUIRES that you supply one. - reported by bugfaceuk
Bugfix: #8 Component picking up wrong ItemId, if there where trashed items - reported by bugfaceuk
Added: Italien language thanks to Andrea "StaRise" Brandi
Added: During Sync vB User to mambo the vB Admin becomes also mambo Admin.

vBridge RC 1
Bugfix: Typerror in the install.vbridge so wrong value for MOS_PREFIX in config.php - reported by odsign
BUgfix: Searchpattern overworked for wrapped and unwrapped mode.
Added: Check if wrapped or unwrapped mode unneeded "not installed" are hide save confusion
Added: Version check Patchhandler only the Patches for the used vBulletin Version are installable.

vBridge Beta 1.12
Bugfix: Typerror in the vbridge.xml - reported by vivpuri
Added: new field to mos_user table to better sync both usertables
Added: sync function to import/merge the user table works only from vb to mambo
Added: vBUlletin 3.5RC2 support

vBridge Beta 1.11
Bugfix: Typerror in the install.vbridge.php - reported by stefaandk
Bugfix: PM Bug again - reported by vivpuri
Bugfix: TRUNCATE mambo usertable to have a new AUTO_INCREMENT
Bugfix: profile.php changing password or email - reported by justinkwaught
Added: block=1 by vbgroup 4 - requested by rsuplido
Added: block=1 by groupchanges to 1,3,4,8 - requested by rsuplido
Added: vBUlletin 3.5RC1 support
Added: spanish language - thanks to aoricci2

vBridge Beta 1.10
Bugfix: Typerror in the functions.vbridge.php - reported by rsuplido
Bugfix: Some Typerrors in - reported by rsuplido
Added: Email and Password changes in profile.php has now effect to Mambo usertable.
Added: Using add, edit, delete and prune in AdminCP will have effect to Mambo usertable.

vBridge Beta 1.09
Added: Use now the Cookieprefix from the vBulletin config, so no fixed Cookieprefix anylonger in the Mambofiles for vBulletin.
Added: mambot Button for the vBridge Discussionbot.
Added: vBulletin registration now available.
Modified: mod_vbridge_login to support optional registration ( vbulletin Mambo )

vBridge Beta 1.08
Bugfix: New bug for PMs - reported by vivpuri again
Bugfix: If you convert a thread into sticky... - reported by vivpuri again
Bugfix: If you try to subscribe to... -  reported by vivpuri again
Bugfix: Admincp: If i try to login to the admincp of VB from... - reported by vivpuri. Should work now Forum url or from Component
Bugfix: Modcp: I am logged in as admin... - reported by vivpuri
Bugfix: Quicklinks: Buddylist... - reported by vivpuri
Bugfix: Replies: Click on any of those numbers... - reported by vivpuri
Bugfix: Online view: Reload page...
Bugfix: Fix search pattern for the Template index.php
Bugfix: clicking on the username of the thread author when viewing... - reported by justinkwaugh
Bugfix: problem with the "view first unread" - reported by justinkwaugh

vBridge Beta 1.07
Bugfix: New bug for PMs - reported by vivpuri
Bugfix: If you convert a thread into sticky... - reported by vivpuri
Bugfix: If you try to subscribe to... -  reported by vivpuri
Bugfix: Display Modes for thread are not working - reported by vivpuri
Bugfix: If set Redirect to forum by login doesn`t work.
Bugfix: If you click on "Top" nothing happens - reported by vivpuri.
Bugfix: Also clicking on the username of the author of a post gives error - reported by justinkwaugh
Bugfix: This one still happens if i click on "Calender" and login... - reported by vivpuri

vBridge Beta 1.06
Bugfix: PM`s not shown reported by vivpuri
Bugfix: FAQ`s not shown reported by vivpuri
Bugfix: Avatar`s not shown reported by justinkwaugh
Bugfix: Manage attachments bug reported by justinkwaugh
Add: Enable Wrapped and unpwrapped Mode

Add: Communitybuilder compatibilty

Bugfix: Now show only one topic not multiple reported by vivpuri

vBridge Beta 1.05
Add: Autodetect in the vb function for the URL

vBridge Beta 1.04
Add: delete,edit,add User in Mambo Backend will effect the same to the vB user

vBridge Beta 1.03
Bugfix: XML Error

vBridge Beta 1.02
Bugfix: login/logout error
Bugfix: link errors

vBridge Beta 1.01
Add: Packagemanager from SMF as Patchhandler to vBridge
Add: XML Mod file for patching
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