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Hello vBulletin User, welcome to Joomla! Just the Front End your vB NEEDS!!!!!

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 9:14 pm
by EMRhelp
Q: I need something to make my vBulletin more than just a bulletin board, I want it to be a FULL SITE, what can I do ?
A: Install Joomla! and use vBridge to tie them together.

Q: Are there any cool components for Joomla! ?
A: Joomla! (formerly Mambo) has a wealth of developers.
    Check out

Q: Where to get the latest Joomla!
A: ... cts.joomla

Q:  I am thinking of making a vBridge site, I don't even have vBulletin.  Where can I get it ?
A:  Predator can get some measly money if you purchase vBulletin with this link. For )*#)(*)#$ sake use it please !