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BBPixel - An Early Review

Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 12:33 pm
by Deriel

I'll try to make an early review of the BBPixel solution for Joomla! + vBulletin. I've installed it yesterday.

The installation process is ok, no big deal. Read the instructions and follow it (well, most people don't even read anything). I've gor a problem because my Joomla! DB is UTF-8 but my vB DB is ISO-8859-1. I made some tweaks by myself without changing the DB charset (for a while, at least).

Everything is working fine. There are plenty of core files edit but I think it pays the price. vB 3.6.x is basically stable and Jomla 1.0.12 too, so I think there will be very little stress in the upgrades. The support was quick, but not that quick (half a day) but I need very little support if the solution works.

It works, and works well. And that is what matters, after all.

Re: BBPixel - An Early Review

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 12:05 am
by dankness
Out of curisity does it allow for vbulletin templates to be fetched and parsed and outputed into joomla for full intragration?

Re: BBPixel - An Early Review

Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 11:09 am
by Deriel
Wel... that's not a feature I've been looking for.  :-[

But I think it does not.