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has support or development for vbridge stopped?

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 11:46 pm
by sk8tr54
hi all, like many of the people in here I am having problems with getting vbridge to work properly. I am running joomla1.0.3, vbulletin3.5 and vbridge 1.22. I have spent the last 3 days going through documentation and previous posts to see if I could fix the problems. As of right now vbridge is not working at all, I followed the instructions to the T and if I login from Joomla it does NOT log me into vbulletin and if I login to vbulletin it does NOT log me into joomla. I have installed, deleted and reinstalled this 6 times so far and I get the same problems each time.

I have read other people's post in here that are having the same problems I am but I see many posts unanswered. So I am wondering if vbulletin is still being worked on or if it has been put on hold for a while. Please don't get me wrong I am not saying to fix vbulletin now, or to fix my setup. All that I want to know is what is going on? I realize that people have jobs and other higher ranking priorities and that is exactly why I am not asking anyone to get vbridge working 100%. I just want perhaps a response with some advice as to what to do, what to try how to troubleshoot this. Other people have posted before me having the same problems and they havent gotten an answer and it would just be nice to have someone address those questions by either saying that it is a known issue and that it will be addressed on the next release or to provide some help on how to get their setup up and running.

This really sounds like a great tool and I was reeled in easily by what it promises to do which is a great idea, thank-you!


Re: has support or development for vbridge stopped?

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 12:50 am
by dsendecki
Predator will probably answer this -- but here's what I know. Development has not stopped. V1.22 is not working properly. Up till now Vbridge has been very stable. Most of these new problems have crept up because Predator decided to support two databases, as many people requested, rather than a shared vBulletin/Joomla database.

I know its frustrating. My advice is to sit tight and wait. Predator recently mentioned that for the past couple of weeks he's been overwhelmed with work, but the next couple of weeks looked like he'd be able to get a lot done.

So, I'm going to stick it out. As far as I know, there's really now work around for the V1.22 bridge / Joomla 1.0.3 / VB 3.51 problems.

Anyhow -- I think itll be worth sticking around for!

Re: has support or development for vbridge stopped?

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 1:38 am
by sk8tr54
Thank-you for your reply dsendecki, you have proved my point exactly!
Just in that last post of yours I learnt something new, that there was a previous stable version of vbridge whicn ran just fine like you said/ I did not know that at all. My main concern is just to get vbulletin in Joomla it doesnt necesarily have to be the latest version. If you dont mind or if anyone else who mas knowledge about this does not mind I would ppreciatte a link and some reference information on what was the version of vBridge that was stable before with what version of vBulletin and what version of Joomla. If it comes down to it I will move to a  lower version of vbulletin to get everything working good with this integration. Once again I thank those that take the time to post back in advance.

Re: has support or development for vbridge stopped?

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 2:20 am
by miniscule
i managed to get my vbridge 1.22 working fine.

i guess most of the problems stem from using vbridge on multidatabases.

Re: has support or development for vbridge stopped?

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 2:40 am
by dsendecki
Really  ???

Predator even took a look at my installation -- I was having some cookie issues. Everything was working perfectly, but logging in was inconsistent between joomla and vbulletin -- everything else was fine -- the database was being updated properly, et al.


[edit -- I use only one database]

BTW -- this is what pred said in another thread...
Last week and this week i had a lot work in my real job, but until next week i have 2 weeks less work so time to fix this issues, sorry for delay.

Also i have a nice solution from leonsio using SOAP this is clean and secure, so look also forward in this future which becomes a great improvement, but until this is ready i will release a new Version next week.

Re: has support or development for vbridge stopped?

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 2:45 am
by sk8tr54
miniscule, would you mind explaining what you did step by step?
what versions of mysql and php? apache?

Re: has support or development for vbridge stopped?

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 9:35 am
by thepipper
sk8tr54, I have also yet to get vbridge to work in any version.  I posted a thread about my issue, but it went unanswered.  I must have installed and re-installed at least 30 times since the release of the first vbridge; I am only using one database.  I can install any mod or component for either vbulletin or joomla successfully except for vbridge (I've even written my own components and modules).  I tried playing with the cookie settings, but nada.  I've installed it on different servers and locally, but no luck.

Hopefully, Predator can release a stable version of vbridge, so I'm sticking it out for the next one.  I really do commend Predator for doing this project.

Re: has support or development for vbridge stopped?

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 10:01 am
by stefaandk
Indeed, I'm having my whole site redesign counting on this project so I certainly owe Pred big time.

I'm afraid Pred is trying to please too many people at once at the expense of being able to focuse on one solution, one database is fine mate if that means something fully bug free at this stage.


Re: has support or development for vbridge stopped?

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 3:38 pm
by sk8tr54
Ok, like I mentioned earlier I wasnt aware before that there actually was a stable version vbrdige but that it worked with older versions of vbulletin. So last night I installed vbulletin 3.0.7 and vbridge 1.0 I think it was. with Joomla 1.0.3 of course. And everything works just fine! the only problem was that when I installed everything and even after I synced the databases the admin user for joomla somehow loast the passsword in the transition but I was still logged in as that user and I change the paassword in vbulletin and joomla. that was it! I followed the instructions that were online step by step and everything worked perfect.

I still have a few things to try and figure out such as, currently I have vbulletin wrapped inside joomla and when the user logs out from joomla everything works fine but when the user logs out from vbulletin it still logs me out but it takes vbulletin out of the wrapper and puts it in the entire window. so this is something I have to still look at but it is much less than what I had to deal with before.

If anyone wants the links to the old stable release & instructions let me know and I will post them up when I get home. Thanx!

Re: has support or development for vbridge stopped?

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 9:34 pm
by Mr_Bob
I just added a big bug report of all the bugs I have found with this version by looking through threads found here ... b=comments

I did this due to this thread as per reassurance of problems being fixed :D.  If anyone finds anything I left out that doesn't already exist here as a current 1.22 problem tell me I'll update it, or you can post your own report I just did this to make easy to find every current issue in one place.

Re: has support or development for vbridge stopped?

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 8:57 pm
by Predator
Thanks Mr_Bob,

apreciate this, now freetime is back and i can start fixing had the last weeks a lot of work, so now i can focus on vBridge.

Sorry for being quiete the last days ;)