Content in Content and other ideas.

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Content in Content and other ideas.

Post by StoneMonkeyMark » Tue Oct 03, 2006 11:30 pm

So I have to apologies, as I am a newbie at this. I have the web site running and I have been learning on the way and I was hoping to pass on a few ideas and questions. I tried to search on these and find them in the forum or Google, but I keep getting information overload and no hits on the actual subject.

Content in Content
I would like to have a page made up of some text, then a 'pointer' to another content item that 'sucks' in the whole content at that point and then carries on with the text that follows after it. This way you can have a constructed meta page. Perhaps like a book with chapters where each chapter is in another page. This way I can get a full book that can be printed, pdf'ed etc. The good thing about this is that you don't duplicate the data. Perhaps this has already been asked? I have found lots of info on links in content (I could at least work that one out for myself).

Sort by most recent
I checked what it was doing and confirmed in the code and found that this sorts by created date. Surely it would be more correct from the web site users view to be sort by publish_up. This also allows the logged in users to control the sorting to a degree as they only have control over the publish date. It makes sense if you consider the case of a list of 'latest news' and a certain news item is set to publish on Friday as important for that day. When other daily news is published after this one, the result is that on Friday, the news is buried. I did the simple code change to my local copy, but this might be considered for a permanent edit?

Edit: I realised that I need to change the printed date as well. I am not sure if this will always be available in the SELECT. I will just try it and see. (grin).

So I know this one has been discussed lots, but just to round off my experience. I had to edit code to add a class a to span to get control over the category name being displayed. It seems odd you have control over this being showing, but not over how it looks. I know there are lots of other places where this is also true and I know this is probably not worth mentioning, I just wanted to show what had happened during my first installation.

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Re: Content in Content and other ideas.

Post by troy » Sat Oct 14, 2006 2:12 pm

Similarly to StoneMonkeyMark's Content in Content idea, I'd like a way to do a flat list (very similar to a Content Category Blog menu item) whereby the entire article (not just the intro text) would be rendered, producing a single page with a sequential list of complete articles.  I'm curious if there's a way to do this I'm overlooking.  I've played with the "Leading/Intro" qualifiers in the blog menu item parameters. 

I'd settle for an extension that does this, but it seems adding "Full" to the Leading/Intro/Link list of rendering permutations in the menu item parameteres may be the cleanest way to make such a feature available.

This seems quite similar to the export feature mentioned elsewhere in the forum.  In my case, the intent is to have content easily available for our church staff to access (from the front end) for building a paper-based newsletter.



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