REST URLs for whenever..

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REST URLs for whenever..

Post by eyezberg » Sun Oct 08, 2006 8:21 pm

[quote="Peldi"]REST style:

    * use URIs that describe objects (not actions), and that are and human-readable. An 300-character long URL that ends in something like getBook?id=23cvxsfer34 is not REST, the wikipedia link above is very REST.

    * return resources like magic. REST puts emphasis of the readability of the URL, usual websites have URLs dictated by the file-system folder structure in which its resources live. So a key ingredient of a RESTful site is a piece of software that takes URL requests and munges them to spit out dynamic results (app-servers do this all the time, I want to learn if Apache does it and how...I might post a follow up when I do find out. If you know, please do share!).

Here's an example of a great REST link: It's super-RESTful because it's short, it's descriptive (it addresses the resources I want), and it's just like magic! It uses one of the tags that I added to some of my links to just return a list of links that have that tag. I didn't go in and create an APIs folder on delicious' servers to get that nice URL. No-one did!

Allright, I'll wrap it up. What I like about it is that if more sites were RESTful, a lot more URLs would be easy to remember and share...making the internet a little more approachable for each of us (which means A LOT more approachable as a whole).[/quote]
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