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Accessibility for bad seeing people

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 9:41 pm
by nicowkaos
Hi there!
My name's Nico and I'm from France. I'm a regular Joomla! user, this meaning I'm still a beginner in php and so on, but use Joomla! every day for many sites I've designed because it's easy and powerful.
BUT, I suffer from a sight disease this meaning I CAN'T read things on a white background (because it's way too "shiny") and many people are like me. Most of all, EVERYONE reads better white on black than black on white, this is a general rule of the human sight...
So, what I'd like to be implemented in Joomla! (and I've tested the 1.5 beta too ;-) is simple and easy to do for css & joomla! used to people: a simple (or even better, the very same than now) template with black background and white text for the administration...
You see, to use Joomla! I'm forced to disable .css in Firefox and IE in order to use my own color scheme (named in Windows as "black high contrast"). The size of the font is of no importance to me, only the contrast is, but I think it would be a nice idea to offer your users a bit more of accessibility with offering them different admin templates right from the installation... including "accessible" templates...
What about that?