Advanced Search Engine (Theoretical Structure Attached)

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Advanced Search Engine (Theoretical Structure Attached)

Post by I-MAG » Thu Oct 19, 2006 8:34 pm

I've been told that I should add my dreams list for Joomla! in this forum, so here is my first dream :)

Attached is a picture with the theoretical structure that explains it all. And here are the details in writing too:

A) Search Limiters:
1- You can specify a category or more, or even all.

2- You can specify an author or more, or even all.

3- Time span to limity the search. This can go by the specific date (day, month, year) or by month and year, or even year only. if this option is not ticked, the engine will search alll dates.

4- Rating Span: You may limit the search by choosing the range of rating stars the article received.

B) Search Field:
1- You may search in the full text, that searching in each and every field. if you hold control key, you may choose several ones. :)
2- You may search in the article introduction only
3- Article body (excluding the introduction)
4- Article title and title alias
5- author name
6- meta tags and description (this is the best, it's like the subject index in the library :) )
7- comments on the articles (if you have a comment component installed, you can search in thes ecomments)

8- then you have two boxes:
      - search for exact phrase, and that is like adding quotations marks to search for the whole phrase
      - truncation. When I write organiz* it will search for organization, organizer, organizers, organize ...etc
      - (I forgot to include this in the image attached) wildcard: if I write organi?ation, this will search for organization and organition. It's to replace one chracter within a word.

C) Boolean Operators

This step is when I want to add another term to my search. I might want to add this term, or maybe exclude it, or conjunct it with the other. And these are the Booealsn operators: AND, OR, NOT.
Here are examples.

cat AND Tom = I'll get article that have the word cat and also the word Tom
Cat NOT Tom = Article about cats, but please nothing about Tom.
cat or feline = I'm telling the search engine to get me the whole thing: article about cat, article about feline, or both. I want everthing.

So, depending on my search, I'll choose one of these 3 boolean operators in the drop-down menu. and after than write the other term.

- there should be also a link to add extra boolen operator boxes and term field in case I need to search for more than two terms

D) Click Search and enjoy  8)

E) Internal Search
Another thing I suggest is to add a box to search iinside each article. I know this can be done by clicking Control and F, but what about articles with "page breaks" (multiple pages). I guess this box can be very useful .

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There are other things such as "nesting", "command search", "proximity operators",  If someome is interested, just let me know and I'll add them to the post.

I studied searching and indexing theortrtically, I wish I were a programmer to do the extension. So, I'll leave that to you.

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