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Scribble, Highlight, and E-post-its on Articles!

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2006 9:08 pm
by I-MAG
Raison d'etre:
One of the arguments the apponents of e-publishing raise is that in e-publishing there is no possibility to:

1- scribble,
2- underline words,
3- highlight importatnt parts,
4- and add post-it notes to write personal notes on what you read.

This is a valid observation, and little has been done to overcome it.

So, I suugest that this feature is made available to members (or a group of them so that the server does not get loaded).

1- Adobe Professional Edition allows you to add notes, underline, highlight ...etc. I love it. But this is PDF not a web-based thing.

2- A living example from websites is this :

Watch the demo:
Go to the tool menu in the right upper corner of the flash, then choose "tool demo" from the middle menu, and choose "highlight" and "add note" and watch them.

- These could be saved in a table linked to each members profile. And the person can checks his/her notes list and the articles to which s/he added hlighlights or underlines.

- The admin can choose to limit this feature to some mebers only if it takes much of the server's capacity.