pop3 / imap email client component

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pop3 / imap email client component

Post by soldstatic » Tue Oct 24, 2006 5:58 am

Anybody besides me interested in an e-mail client component and relative modules for Joomla?? I think it would be fantastic if we could incorporate some webmail type interfaces for people using the site. I would like some of the following features in the client:

Different mailboxes and such for each user. (I need to be able to check my comcast account, my school account, and a coupl eother accounts all in one spot)

mailboxes/accounts linked to user log ins for joomla. (Log into the front end of Joomla, you can then click the mailbox component and use it)

integrate joomla messages (say i send a user a message with joomla, it should show up in their mailbox perhaps under a special folder)

The ability to assign mailboxes/accounts to users. I have all of my users for one of my sites set up with an email account on the server and they don't need to learn a hard to use / ugly interface thats open source to check their mail. They should get something pretty too. (currently under my hosting provider they can use an ugly webmail interface or attempt to figure out how to use another email client like outlook). As super admin, I'd like to be able to set up the accounts in the joomla component, at least initially.

caching of course for speed.

some cool modules to have would include email preview boxes for logged in users, message notifications etc.

rules, need to be able to implement rules in a robust manner. I HAATE it when i try a client that doesnt let me set up rules for putting messages from so and so in this folder etc.


Anybody know of any current solutions for this? I'm new to Joomla, but already VERY much sold on its super-awesomeness. I've written some C and C++ lately, but havent done hardly anything in php xhtml or web developement at all, so I'm not the guy to write this, but I would sure as hell love to use it. Especially since it would be so awesome to be able to integrate templates with this, I think it would be a great component that lots of people would use. Would need to be able to disable multiple mailboxes and such though, so if someone wants it to be "their site only" they could do so to save resources.

Anyway, is anybody interested in this? Would anybody be interested in developing something like this? I can provide svn server and webhosting for the project (if a solution for this doesnt exist already), and I'd do whatever else I could. (I don't have any money though, so that sucks, but if someone were to do this and do it well, full featured webmail client, I'd definately give them at least 50-100 bucks when I see a finished product, just as a donation for their time and stuff, sry i don't have more...)


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