Multi-column Menu Option

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Multi-column Menu Option

Post by brainforge » Fri Oct 07, 2005 8:53 pm

The primary purpose of this change is to provide a configurable multi-column list of the categories in a section.
If the configuration parameter is not used then Joomla behaves as before.

The main code for the change is in content_section.xml and content.html.php.
The other changes are to resolve issues encountered during implementation of this.

before.jpg  shows the display before the change.
after.jpg    shows the display before the change.
editmenu.jpg shows the extra parameter in the administrator.

Code Changes
All code changes are indicated by the word BRAINFORGE in a comment.
The patches have been applied to Joomla v1.0.2.

Added new parameter.

Function showCategories() - new multi-column functionality added.

Function showSection() and Function showCategory().
Restructered the queries to:
  (a) Ensure empty sections always shown with count of 0.
  (b) Ensure items are always correctly ordered.
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