[REQUEST] Contact form redirect param

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[REQUEST] Contact form redirect param

Post by leolam » Sat Jan 28, 2006 4:30 am

I am missing a redirect function from the contact.html.php in the contact-component (direted through contact.php). It would be a very good thing (and I assume not too much work) to create a parameter function where the url of the redirect page can be inserted. The current handling of placing a "thank you for your message" on top of the form is Joomla unworthy imho.

Till Joomla 1.0.4 we had the option to create the redirect function hardcoded with the:
    //alert( "" );
That script has disappeared in the current 1.0.7 verson. However this feature shuld be a standard function and not being hardcoded. What is the current thought behind the returning to the same form-page with a thank you 1/2 liner? I do not want to be forced to return to the form-page becasue why should i submit again another message (it might be considered ads flooding if settings are incorrect) nor do i want to go to the index.....Basically it would be nice and also polite to visitors if we could have an extension to the contact component addressing issues such as
%date/time, %message, %subject, %email, %username

You could than create a message which automatically provides the message with the entered data from the form.....something could than be generated as
Dear  [#%username]
You have submitted on  [#%date] at  [#%time] a message to  [#%department] related to  [#%subject].
You will receve a confirmation soon on the [#%email] you provided. Our [#%department] will reply to your email as soon as we have been able to review your message. Please find a copy of your message below:

You might want to print this message for your own reference  [printbutton}
or copy the message to your own email address [#%email] [copy email button]

Thank you for your message....
Now THAT would be a professional reply and would be in line with the power of Joomla.....


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Re: [REQUEST] Contact form redirect param

Post by JJ2090 » Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:41 am

This topic is coming up to 2 years old and it's still a good idea which as far as I know hasn't been implemented...

Has anyone found a way to change the redirect page yet?


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