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Mosimage bot enhancements

Posted: Thu Apr 13, 2006 10:40 pm
by Asphyx
This has probably been mentioned already but I was working on a site today and some ideas about mosimage tag came up.

First off the mosimage bot should by default fill out the alt text to the filename when it is left empty.
This would ensure that at at least images used would comply with the letter of the accessability standards if not exactly the spirit of them....

It should also add resize and popup functions so you can resize any pic to what you need and allow users to click on the pic to see it fullsize.

Lastly, the sequential nature of the images should be scrapped and label assignments should be used instead...
Each image gets assigned a number and you display it as (mosimage=1)
To display two images next to each other would look like:

To resize:
(mosimage=1 w=160 h=120)

Dynamic image bot (mosimage replacement) does some of this (resizing) but does not provide the other functions I mentioned such as alt text default and nonsequential display (you can't repeat images without making differently named copies)

I may take a crack and doing these enhancements myself but I am not exactly a great coder so it may be beyond me...

Re: Mosimage bot enhancements

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2006 6:25 am
by eyezberg
While I agree these would be cool features, for a "normal" user who just wants to write a content item, this doesn't exactly look very easy to use; as it is now people are already complaining the tag is not easy and it should be drag'n'drop so the image is visible in context..
i'd be happy to use these features if you or someone codes the advanced bot; maybe suggest to the dev' of the bot you mentionned, or to D4J who have one also.

Re: Mosimage bot enhancements

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2006 8:24 am
by Asphyx
I agree joe that drag and drop would be an easier solution but the bot doesn't really do that part of the content entry....
The editors do that part of it...

I'm definitly not proficient enough to tackle them...

I would love it if the editors would allow you to drag and drop and also see text flow and image resize in the editor and then have that saved in the DB using the proper mosimage tags and switches which I think would make it much easier to enter content...

Part of the problem is mosimage bot doesn't have these functions built in so there is no way for the editor to use them or set them by default...
You have to use the editor's image insert instead which I find almost as lacking and incomplete as mosimage tags are...

The built in editor stuff tries to address these limitations but falls short if you ask me....
If they were actually part of the mosimage tag then the editors could then give us things like drag and drop, on the fly resize and when it is saved spit oput the proper mosimage parameters to get what you set in the editor...

Basically I think if you have the nuts and bolts and flexibility worked out for displaying images with mosimage it will be the first step to setting a standard all the editors can then use to set up their own user interface for using it which would include drag and drop, inline preview (seeing the pic in the editor) and output in standard that will work for everyone no matter what editor they might use.

But that would not be possible unless it is a standard part of the core...
Which is why I haven't mentioned this to the other 3PDs who are attempting to improve mosimage with their own creations...

Re: Mosimage bot enhancements

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 7:23 am
by parijke
Using images could be much better in Joomla.

I've seen other CMS systems which has image processing capabilities beyond the current features of the mambot (or addon that i've tried). The difference is basically that they are rendering the sourceimage to a styled image. All kind of (gimplike) features can be added like drop shadow, rotation, picture frames and filters.

Also, when an image is resised, the object is in fact a resized file instead of width / height in the html.

This kind of features are available in some galley packages as well, so in my opinion it must be possible to enhance the bot with it.

(I am using typo3 and joomla)