Too much to ask for. :)

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Too much to ask for. :)

Post by carliebentley » Mon Jul 17, 2006 2:59 pm


I run a small hosting provider and design shop and I've been recently looking for a component/module/mambot that would do the following, and like the subject line says it may be too much to ask for.

1. Clients can log in using a domain name and password instead of a username <---Doable no problem, works well.
2. User can submit trouble tickets <---Web Amoeba Tickets 2.0 works, mostly, but I have to hand change the DB to the correct settings, the administration panel won't do it for some strange reason, but consider this doable.

Now here's where it gets complicated.

3. Each user profile (a.k.a. domain name) has a monthly recuring charge, adjustable through the administration panel (not the front end).
4. When logged in to the site, the "client" can opt to pay the monthly carge once (using paypal) or pay it automatically once per month via credit card (through paypal subscriptions.)
5. This system would need some sort of interaction with PayPal to see that the recuring charges are due/paid/past due/ etc.

Now let's go a step (or two) further.

6. From the front end and annonymous user can "sign-up" for a new domain name, this module/component should query a whois/registrar to see if the domain name is available, if it is available then it should allow them to request that it be registered and create an account for them on my site. Naturally this should also take them to a section that allows them to select a monthly hosting plan.

I think anyone that is familiar with small hosting providers and small design houses can see what I'm getting at. I certainly wouldn't expect this kind of component/module package to be free, but I do feel it would be incredibly useful.

I have switched exclusively to using Joomla! for all my sites and customers and it has taken an enourmous load off my time. This type of component/module would really ratchet the strength of my services up a few notches.

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Re: Too much to ask for. :)

Post by MadMaxx » Mon Sep 11, 2006 1:22 pm

This module can help to provide you a very partially solution for your needs. But it works fine.,94098.0.html


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