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PICS -content labeling

Post by eyezberg » Sun Sep 03, 2006 12:03 pm

Please consider adding Internet Content Rating Association labels to 1.5:
ICRA's firm belief is that the best people to describe online content are the ones who created it. This is achieved through a freely available system for applying descriptive labels that can be read by a variety of software.

However, many people who may like to make use of those labels, such as parents, search engines and filter manufacturers, seek some assurance that the label can be trusted. On the other hand, content providers seek further motivation for adding the labels. ICRAchecked is designed to address both issues.

Labelling a site with ICRA is free, however, participation in ICRAchecked is subject to a small fee to cover the cost of administration and the infrastructure.
Fee is $5 currently..

Many sites can be labeled with just one file:
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