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"JOOMLA "+" JAMROOM "- Intergration + Modules / Components !

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 4:54 pm
by housexclusive
Hello Users

My names " Kyle Blythe-White ", I run a rather populuar music portal for the Dance scene across the UK, and I am currently working on a new improved version of my JOOMLA 1.5 site " "...

I am looking to intergrate both JOOMLA 1.5 & JAMROOM as i believe they both have there great stregths and i would like to maximsie on both of them.
( So no posts about switching to just one please, as the whole point is to intergrate the pair)

Now i was wondering if any developers or users know of any existing ways to intergrate your JAMROOM into your JOOMLA site. such as existing:

> Modules
> Components
> Plugins

As i would like to use certain aspects of JAMROOM in my joomla site, such as Just a jamroom chart in the joomla homepage, or just a jamroom featured music module in a certain joomla page.

Now i know you can bridge the sites but that is not really what i am looking to do, as it would meen running to linked websites side by side with the same theme, where as i wish to use the best features from JAMROOM in JOOMLA to enhance JOOMLA as a whole...

If anyone is intrested in working with HOUSEXCLUSIVE on this i am sure the outcome could be widely used as many many JOOMLA users/developers look to intergrate media into there sites but simple lack the platform to do so, which Jamroom could now offer, enhancing both jamrooms development and joomlas.

Thanks alot and feel free to pop feedback below.


Re: "JOOMLA "+" JAMROOM "- Intergration + Modules / Components !

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:04 pm
by ooffick

I am not familiar with Jamroom, but let me ask you a couple of questions.

you have mentioned that a bridge is not the way for you to go because you don't need all the features of Jamroom, right? If so, wouldn't it be easier to just disable the features you don't need? Just a thought.

And did I understand you correctly that you only want to use those two features:
  1. jamroom featured music module
  2. jamroom chart
Maybe you could try a different component: ... 50/details

This extension has the ability to produce a few different charts, including featured charts.


Re: "JOOMLA "+" JAMROOM "- Intergration + Modules / Components !

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:14 pm
by housexclusive
I myself am also not to familiar with " JAMROOM ", but am very confident with JOOMLA. so i guess we may be in a similiar boat when analysing JAMROOM.

Ok back to square one i may have wrote it wrong above..

But JAMROOM has a selection of features which are far beyond any extension for JOOMLA, As i know from 6months of hunting and talking to developers.

So now i want to find a way to intergrate certain aspects of " JAMROOM " into " JOOMLA ", as JAMROOM also doesnt have alot of the core feature si would like that JOOMLA DOES..

I need somone who can literally make a few modules and plugins to link the pair and enable me to put JAMROOM content in various areas of a joomla site :)

Re: "JOOMLA "+" JAMROOM "- Intergration + Modules / Components !

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:41 pm
by ooffick
But wouldn't you still need to have the admin interface of Jamroom?
Or do you just want to recreate the functionality of Jamroom (or at least part of it)?


Re: "JOOMLA "+" JAMROOM "- Intergration + Modules / Componen

Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 3:58 pm
by jean_marc
Did you get this off the ground? The link to your website doesn't seem to be working. I am interested in doing something similar with my website (different genre of music).