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[NOT BUG] WYSIWYG administrator error

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 3:59 am
by cjames
I've been asking for help on the 1.5 administration forum. Now I'm here.
Here is a copy of the problem that I am having:

"I'm changing both the default editor and the personal editor. I've just re-tested everything, the editors work from the front end and not in the administrator site. And it seems that the personal editor over rides the default editor. At the moment I have turned off the default editor and my personal editors (both TinyMCE and Joomla TinyFCK) don't work in administrator, but do work from the front end.

Definitely a problem in the administrator side of the site. Is there some way of finding the error and fixing it??"

In administrator, if I open a content page to edit, unless the editors are turned off, the page says it has an 'error on page' with no other details, and is virtually frozen because none of the buttons work. I can only exit the page by using the back button on my browser. I'm using IE version 7 on Windows XP.

I think my only option is to start all over again and install joomla from scratch. But I've done a lot of work and would rather not. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

thank you

Re: WYSIWYG administrator error

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 5:18 am
by RussW
Uninstall any non-default editors, see what happens....  unless you have hacked at the core code, re-FTP the administrator files back up to the server, incase you have a corrupt file somewhere, check that the permisisons are correct on the installed editor directories. Make sure the version of editor is supported on 1.5. Go to the editors authors page/forum see if it is a known problem there.