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Bug report template

Post by Robin » Sat Jun 03, 2006 8:46 am

When you are submitting your problem e.g. bug report on our forums, please use the following template below. This will help us provide all the necessary information we need to analyse and if possible solve the issue.

The [USER] or [Q&T] indicates who should provide info for which fields on the report template.

Thanks for your cooperation:

[USER] Give a description of the bug in your own words

Reported on:
[USER] Joomla version/build

[Q&T] Critical/High/Medium/Low/Enhancement

Affected functions:
[USER] Describe the affected functions

Related files:
[USER] List related files when known

Steps to replicate:
[USER] Give a step-by-step how to replicate the problem
Also provide live URL when available so we can review our selves!

[Q&T] Confirmed/Unable to confirm/Rejected
Any other comments

Proposed fix(es):
[USER] Any possible fixes in code that might provide a solution

Topic / Artifact ID:
[USER] Enter the crosss reference for topic or artifact id/url when submitted

System info:
[USER] Enter your system info

** Notes: *****************************************************
High = Something is really broken, it should be taken care of in a next release.
Medium = This is not a full breakage but it doesn't work like it is supposed to or not all the time.
Low = This is just an annoyance, something is not quite right, but basic functionality is still present.
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