What and why are we using topic tags, like [THIS IS A TAG]?

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What and why are we using topic tags, like [THIS IS A TAG]?

Post by Robin » Wed Jan 10, 2007 2:26 pm

To help Q&T and the Developers we are using topic tags. It shows us in an instance, viewing the list of topics, what there current status is. Below a list of tags:

[UNDER REVIEW] : Q&T is looking into the report, testing the issue and trying to replicate it.
[INFO REQUESTED] : Q&T is unable to confirm the reported issue with the info provided, thus asking for more information from the poster.

[UNCONFIRMED] : Q&T is unable to replicate the issue reported. Support is asked from developers.
[CONFIRMED/BUG] : Q&T has been able to replicate the reported issue. It's picked up by developers to be fixed.

[KNOWN ISSUE] : Q&T is able to confirm the issue, but Developers do not have a solution (yet).
[FIXED] : The issue reported has been solved by changing the core code by a developer.
[RESOLVED] : The issue reported is solved, without changing the core code.
[SUPERSEDED] : The report of an issue was made on a version/build which is not current anymore, topics like this are moved to Resolved after a quick check.

Note; during beta development phase, not only Q&T members but also Developers are working on the reported issues.
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