Impact levels of bug reports

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Impact levels of bug reports

Post by Robin » Sun Nov 11, 2007 8:29 am

Here is a small table we use to determine the impact of a bug report:
The artifacts are prioritized according to the following characteristics:

1: High/Critical: The trunk is not working at all. Significant parts of the source are broken preventing key operations. Examples would be login, installation, extenstion installers, javascript errors that prevent you from moving a save or similar action, etc. Also includes the generation of Fatal PHP errors for .
2: Medium High/Major: Parts of the source are obstructing operation in a serious way or causing a major loss in advertised function.
3: Medium/Normal: Issues that are hindering advertised behaviour but the application is still workable. Examples would include parameters not working as advertised, language files not loading as expected, etc.
4: Low/Minor: Minor loss of function and generally annoying behaviour. May include less common platform or browser specific problems that while they may be technically major in those environments, they represent a minority. Also include missing translation strings.
5: Very Low/Trivial: Cosmetic problems, mis-spelled words, graphically mis-aligned object, less common issues with parameters, etc.

For a full explanation, see ... ities.html


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