Tidy the installation source

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Tidy the installation source

Post by rattonwing » Thu Nov 17, 2011 6:00 am

I've been companion with Joomla for years. I think it's time to contribute something.

The Joomla Installation source have some issues:
- browser detect warning in Maxthon or FF
- too many spaces in the source

And the solution is:
- I replace 4 space characters inside the whole origin source with 1 tab character
Eventually, i saved up to ~200Kb. The whole "client-server" process will thanks us somehow :)
- Once, i fix the warning messages in J1.7 but deleted the source. Cause of some big components haven't compatible with it yet.

i won't upload the cleaned-up source cause you Joomla team done is more reliable
If i post in wrong category, please move this.

Good day, Joomla pals!


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