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Conditionals - Joomla 1.0.12 and patTemplates

Posted: Sun May 06, 2007 7:44 am
by romina

I'm using Joomla 1.0.12 to develop a component. I believe (mainly due to the code that says /includes/patTemplate/patTemplate.php), that I'm using patTemplate. I have read somewhere that this version of patTemplate was specifically developed for Joomla.

However, I couldn't find documentation about it. Right now, I am in need of basically is a template functionality (well, 2 actually), that I don't know if they are available or not (as I said before, because I couldn't find any information).

1. Conditional statements
2. Loops

Do you know if in the Joomla 1.0.12 version of patTemplates this two features are included? If so, could you please point me to a website that explains or at least contains some documentation about it?

Thanks a lot in advance

Re: Conditionals - Joomla 1.0.12 and patTemplates

Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 5:00 pm
by dynedain
This should get you up and running:

The latest patTemplate is 3.1.0b2 but I think 3.0 is what is included in Joomla... I'm not sure what the differences are.

Unfortunately, patTemplate is deprecated, which means it is planned to be removed in a future (as of yet undetermined) release of Joomla.

Joomla 1.5 will definitely have patTemplate included, but beyond that is uncertain.

That said, components developed for 1.0.12 should work fine on 1.5 (at least with the legacy plugin enabled) but now would be a good chance for you to learn how to develop components for 1.5. You may want to build 2 versions of your component. One for 1.0.12 utilizing patTemplate if you really need it, and one for 1.5 utilizing the new Model View Controller framework.

Re: Conditionals - Joomla 1.0.12 and patTemplates

Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 11:34 pm
by romina
Thank you very much! I wasn't expecting an answer! :D

I defenitely want to learn how to develop for 1.5, for now the proyect I'm working on requires 1.0.12 but thank you for all the information. I wasn't aware about those changes, but then of course... I've been involved with Joomla for only 2 weeks.

Well, thanks again!