pat, a cms and its translation

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pat, a cms and its translation

Post by heohni » Wed Sep 20, 2006 11:52 am

I started to use in many project the pattemplate translation option and until now it was working very well for smaller websites.

Now I'm wanting to use a little cms in one of my projects where I store the contents in a database.

I tried to insert within the contents the word, but when calling the page in the browser the tag are not getting parsed.

This way my template looks:


And this is my php file:

$foo = "huhu"; (guessing this would come out this way from my database)

$tmpl->addVar("content ", "FOO", $foo );

This way the tags are not parsed and nothing is entered into the language .ini files.



My template:

My php file:

$foo = "text";

$tmpl->addVar("new", "FOO", $foo );

This way the tag is getting parsed, but in my language file I see:

f4b1777fd913bfb75896529568a1c96e = "{FOO}"

Any help arround?? :(


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