Se busca: Inglés traductor de español y líder commmunity

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Se busca: Inglés traductor de español y líder commmunity

Post by ghandi » Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:32 am

Sparkling Media, in London is looking to hire a Spain-based Spanish to English Joomla translator who is interested in participating in translating a Social Media - Community site to complement their television product that is currently rolling out on Television with superRTL in Germany, RTL in Belgium, and soon in Antena 3 in Spain, Italy and then other countries worldwide.

Initially we need our sites simply translated for a set fee - but translators will also have the opportunity move into part-time paid positions as Twinners Community Leaders (TCLs) who keep the social environment buzzing, operate and maintain via the Joomla backend and help shape the future of that particular language/market. Financial incentives could include participation in monetization of the web version of our television product.

It's preferable that the translator lives in Spain - in the Television market in order to ensure a good translation and bond with the community.

As we have chosen to use Open Source Joomla for our core architecture in delivering the web version of our product, we would also like to give back to the Joomla user and developer community and make all files available for the extensions that we need to translate.

This is a win-win situation we feel as Twinners:
1. Brings Joomla into the limelight as an open source solution on a large multinational web project in an emerging Social Media landscape
2. Provides income for core Joomla translators - people who clearly love Joomla as much as we do and want to see it really spread in their own language.
3. Provide the opportunity for the translators to go on and become involved as paid leaders in a Joomla community
4. May possibly provide translators with the chance to participate in revenue sharing in the project they are leading
5. Give back language files to the Joomla community in multiple languages.
We are also in talks with several other countries and will likely need translations in Arabic, Turkish, Danish, and other languages in the latter part of 2008 early 2009 and expect to enter the Asian TV Market in 2009.
In a nutshell... Twinners is social networking in a 3D world on TV and the Net. We have essentially created 'Second Life' on Television - where viewers can use their telephones to create avatars in a real time virtual environment on their TV and the Web, make them move (from table to table and dance etc) and also interact with other users on their telephones who are participating in the TV or Web versions.
This technology - which we call a Cross Media Social Platform (CMSP) has been under development for five years. Please visit for more detailed information about our product.

Currently the websites are in Beta and we are still at the R&D phase in terms of how we will effectively offer our TV product for wide usage on the Web, and we have chosen to go with Joomla which we feel is an excellent core building block to build a strong community and social network.

The positions are telecommute or 'work from home'. As well as being a company that develops virtual products, we are a 'virtual' company with a technology team that spreads from Redwood City to Amsterdam, Barcelona to Copenhagen.

Please contact by email if you are interested.
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