Mailchimp Error joomla 1.5

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Mailchimp Error joomla 1.5

Postby kobbles11 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:43 pm

Hi guys, just installed mail chimp today, registered signed in on the backed. I started then to setup the parameters, plugins etc.

things i did:

1: imported current mailing list into mailchimp
2: enabled and set up the "signup" plugin
3: enabled and set up the "signup" module
4: added the module to the front page for registered viewing

The problems are:

1: submit button has no function (if you click on it, nothing happens)
2: sending a test newsletter to myself in the campaign area, failed (stated successfully sent, but received nothing)
3: the "signup" module DISAPPEARED (wtf) even though i set it up moments before

What i know:
1: firebug noticed an error which was;

$("mcsignupSubmit8899").addEvent is not a function
[Break On This Error]

$('mcsignupSubmit8899').addEvent('click', function(){
***** Manual signatures are NOT allowed *****

Please would anyone have a look? the website is:

ps you have to log in to see the module on the left hand side please use this username and password to log in to the front end

User: joomlafriend
Pass: password

I would be grateful for any advice given!!

Thank you very much!!

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