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Joomla Business Ideas for Income

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:30 pm
by Rodvold

What do you think is a good business to start in the Philippines to outsource/export to the US (or other countries) by using Joomla as a platform?

I have a few cousins in the Philippines that don't do anything at all (except drive my auntie crazy :eek: ) -- but are a little bit computer savvy. Was thinking of ways I can help them make a few... even only $100 a month is enough for them. I live in the states so I can accomodate them with the site/domain/hosting/everything regarding the web...

I had a few ideas, I live in a high% pinoy populated area and noticed philippine made whitening cream seems to be in demand... or maybe something more simple like a blog with google ads (I just put my adsense in there and mail them the ad money).... etc...

Any ideas?? :D