Looking for Joomla 1.7 Extension Developer

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Looking for Joomla 1.7 Extension Developer

Post by rick_choc » Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:51 pm

An extension is needed for an company's internal website.

I need a Joomla Extension that will allow approval of a submitted "exchange of schedule" transaction.. The transaction will be called "change of schedule" since the purpose of this extension is for one Joomla user to exchange a schedule with another Joomla user.

1. There should be 5 persons who will approve the transaction one at a time. The extension should also send notifications to the respective users' email address on file if there is a new request for change of schedule.

2. The exchange form that the user will be filling out will look like this: http://www.dropmocks.com/mZGly
Do not worry about the form, I will be laying it out for you in HTML, you just deal with the programming part...

3. So after the user has filled out the schedule exchange form, when he goes to the Joomla website's Schedule Exchanges section (frontend) , he will basically see this:

So basically in this image, you can see that the user already has 3 exchanges. For each exchange, the people who will approve the changes are:
a. Accepting User
b. Scheduler
c. Duty Manager
d. Approval
e. Update

So that's 5 users who will approve the so called "exchange". So if the Accepting User hasn't approved anything yet , the other users will not have anything to approve yet.

Once the Accepting User has approved the exchange, the next person in the process which is the Scheduler will then have the option to click on the GREEN or RED dot if he wants to approve the exchange or not.

4. All exchanges should of course be recorded in the admin panel and should have the functionality of being able to print the record(s).

5. All exchanges should also have a comments expandable panel which should be hidden by default but can be expanded if users would like to comment on a certain exchange.

If interested on this, please email robert@chocoart.com with your resume / past works.

Thank you!


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